CSV Editor

Create, remove, or update data a csv file through the use of the console commands! This application is useful if you don’t have an office product or just want to quickly modify a csv files.

The CSV Editor is a console-based application that allows you to create new CSV files that you can add data to, remove data from or update existing data inside of it. This program uses the pandas library to allow editing the CSV data as a dataframe that then updates the file name of the users choice.

Below is an example of what the main menu options looks like:

  • info - displays a list of commands that can be used
  • display [filename] - displays the data within a CSV file
  • create [filename] - creates a CSV file
  • add [filename] - adds data to a chosen CSV file
  • remove [filename] - removes data from a chosen CSV file
  • update [filename] - allows you to update the data within a chosen CSV file
  • exit - exits the program